• The covid-10 vaccine roll out has given a rare win to the United Kingdom in battling against covid-19
  • In spite of the delays in the deliveries of the covid-19 vaccine, United Kingdom has managed to give the vaccination to the people

The United Kingdom has been able to win the battle against the corona virus despite of the delays in the covid-19 vaccine deliveries, and this has been possible because the vaccine can only be refrigerated for three days, after it reaches the clinic, and the healthcare workers in the country knew that, they have to inject around 400 doses in a day for using up the supply.

There had already been a line of the people, who had been waiting for the vaccine jabs, so the doctors in the country had swiftly diluted the covid-19 vaccine and they put the vials on the trays and then handed them out to a team of the assistants.

The United Kingdom has been successful in setting up dozens of the covid-19 vaccination centers in the churches, sports stadiums, mosques and even in an open-air museum in the Midlands of the country, that has been familiar to the television viewers as the set for the most popular crime series known as Peaky Blinders.

With around 8 million people or 11.7 percent of the overall population of the United Kingdom, which have already received their first shot of the covid-19 vaccine, the pace of the country in the covid-19 vaccination process has been the fastest from any of the large country across world.

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