• United Kingdom is going to reduce its global aid due to the economic impact of the corona virus pandemic
  • The United Nations Population Fund said, it had been informed that its family planning programme has been reduced from 154 million pound to 23 million pounds

On Thursday, the government of United Kingdom said that, it has been temporarily reducing the country’s international aid from 14.5 billion pounds in 2020 to 10 billion pounds for the year 2021 because of the economic impact of the novel corona virus pandemic on the country, and two of the United Nations agencies have announced huge funding reductions of more than 80 percent.

The United Nations Population Fund, that has been now called as the United Nation’s sexual and reproductive health agency said that, it had been informed that the flagship family planning programme of agency is being reduced from 154 million pounds to around 23 million pounds, and additionally it also said that, 12 million pounds is also being reduced from the core operating funds of the agency.

The agency, which is known as the UNFPA said that, the United Kingdom had been its largest bilateral donor in the year 2020, which had provided a total of around 138 million dollars, and the UNAIDS, which has been responsible for uniting the work of 11 organisations of United Nations, that are trying to decrease the HIV infections and deaths to zero said that, its funding for the year 2021 had been reduced from 15 million pounds in 2020 to 2.5 million pounds for the year 2021.

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