• The next phase of the novel corona vaccine is going to be administering the vaccination based on the age
  • The health secretary said that, JCVI of the United Kingdom has opted for offering the vaccine jab based on the age of the people

On Friday, according to an advisory group, the next phase of the novel corona virus vaccines is going to be administered on the basis of their age rather than the occupational risk, that has also been responsible for sparking the anger from the teachers and police, who have been saying that, they should be getting priority.

On Friday, Matt Hancock, who is the health secretary of the United Kingdom said that, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation or JCVI has been responsible for opting to the offer in the corona virus vaccine jab, that has been based on their age in order for saving for most of the lives.

Matt Hancock also said that, this is going to be the simplest and fastest, that has been the way for rolling out the corona virus jab, and their moral duty is also going to be putting the saving their lives first and what they have been doing it done, and the government of the United Kingdom is going to be vaccinating the 19 million people of the country, and 35 percent of all the adults in the country, with at least one dose of the novel corona virus and said that, it has been planning for finishing the whole population of the country by the end of month of July 2021 .

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