• The government of United Kingdom to bring in compulsory hotel covid-19 quarantine
  • The policy had been announced that, the government said that, it has been working at peace with the hospitality industry

On Friday, the government of the United Kingdom said that, anyone, who has been travelling to the United Kingdom from a high-risk corona virus country, in which the countries had been including South Africa and South America where the new mutated corona virus variants have been a concern, that has been required for quarantining in a facility that has been approved by the government for a period of 10 days from 15th February 2021.

The policy from the government had also been announced in the last month and the government said that, it has been working at very fast speed along with the hospitality industry for inviting the proposals for the measure, which is going to be costing the travelers that is around 80 pounds per night.

The rules from the government is also going to be affecting the residents of the United Kingdom along with the nationals of Ireland, that have been travelling from around 33 countries, which has been listed on the so called red list, that is going to be covering much portion of South America, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Portugal as they have been fearing the regions for the new novel corona virus mutations, and the non-travelers from such type of locations, that have been currently banned from entry.

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