• The allrounder of the English Cricket team has been infected with the new corona virus variant
  • Moeen Ali has been found positive for the corona virus 10 days after he reached Sri Lanka

The England tour of Sri Lanka has come into the spotlight for the fans of cricket all over the world ever since the series got the approval from the cricket boards in spite of the new mutated strain of the novel corona virus in the United Kingdom, and now Sri Lanka has also witnessed the first case person, who has been infected by the new strain of the novel corona virus of the United Kingdom and it none other than Moeen Ali, who is the allrounder of the cricket team of England.

Moeen Ali had been tested positive for the new mutated corona virus strain 10 days after he arrived in Sri Lanka, and the reason for being worried is that, the virus has been deemed to be around 70 percent more infectious than the normal corona virus strain, which is a fact that could have affected the fate of the series between England and Sri Lanka.

Hemantha Herath, who is the deputy Chief Epidemiologist of Sri Lanka said that, the case of Moeen Ali is the first case of the new corona virus constraint in the country where a person has been infected by the mutated strain of the corona virus of the United Kingdom.

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