• The ministers of the United Kingdom will be discussing the further tightening of travel restrictions on Monday
  • They will also be taking decisions on the people arriving in the country for quarantining them in the hotels

On Monday, the ministers of the United Kingdom are going to eb discussing on the further tightening of the travel restrictions, and they are also going to be discussing on the people, who will be arriving in the country could be quarantined in the hotels.

On Friday, Boris Johnson, who is the prime minister of the United Kingdom said that, the country might need to implement the further corona virus measures for the protection of its borders from the new mutated corona virus variants.

The current corona virus restrictions in the United Kingdom have banned most the international travel as the new rules of the lockdown have been introduced in the early days of the month of January 2021, along with the requirement of a negative corona virus test report for most of the people before departure from the arriving countries arriving along with a period of quarantine.

The government of the United Kingdom is also considering making it compulsory for the travellers to spend the 10-day quarantine period, which has been introduced in a hotel, for which they will have to pay by themselves, as a method for enforcing the rules of quarantine, and anyone who does not follow the rules will have pay the fines that have been allotted by the government of the country.

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