• The government of United Kingdom is seeking to identify the home corona virus treatments
  • The government is seeking for the home corona virus treatments to stop the spread of the infections and also decreasing the impact of the new variants

The government of the United Kingdom has been seeking to identify the home novel corona virus treatments, which can be rolled out ahead of the winter flu season, and the government is aiming for the treatment in an attempt for stopping the spread of the novel corona virus infections and also for decreasing the impact of new corona virus variants.

The aim of the UK government is to secure at least two antiviral drugs or medicines, either in a tablet or capsule form, that the people, who have been tested positive for the novel corona virus or who had been exposed to the corona virus can take at home, and the scientists of the United Kingdom believe that, they can also be helpful in protecting those who have not been vaccinated yet.

On Tuesday, UK’s department of health said that, a new antivirals task force is going to be looking for the most promising treatments along with the support to the development through the clinical trials, and it is also going to be looking at the opportunities for bring the manufacturing of the drugs to the United Kingdom.

The government of the United Kingdom has been determined to avoid putting the country into another lockdown damaging the economy completely, which has been responsible for making the antiviral drugs a potentially important tool for fighting against any future increase in the corona virus infections.

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