• The Artificial Intelligence company ‘Diveplane’ has formed a new partnership with the Tektology of United Kingdom
  • The partnership has been formed in an effort for enhancing the global healthcare consultancy projects focusing on the patients

The artificial intelligence company ‘Diveplane’ and the company Tektology, which has been based in the United Kingdom, are going to make a new partnership in an effort, which is going to be using the artificial intelligence based GEMINAI technology of Diveplane for enhancing the global healthcare consultancy projects that will be focusing on the patients.

The technology has been providing the synthetic data and also the tools for the implementation of that data in the real-world scenarios, without revealing any of the personal information of the patient, and therefore enabling a company for leveraging the synthetic data for assessing the viability of the possible clinical solutions.

Alan Cross, who is the chief commercial officer at Diveplane said that, the exploration into the use of the synthetic data for the production of the realistic patient population data, can possibly be responsible for revolutionizing the way in which the medical data is being analyzed and shared, and they have been thrilled and very happy to be working with the team of Tektology for making this a universal reality with their artificial intelligence software.

He also said that, the company believes that, there has been a pressing need for modelling and building the data sets in order for addressing the current challenges in the utilization of the healthcare data and the synthetic data, which can now allow the greater insights without compromising the privacy of the patients.

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