• United Kingdom’s financial planning company has revealed its sports and entertainment arm
  • The service will be offering both young and established professional financial advice to make sure financial well being

The financial planning company ‘Succession Wealth’ has launched a sports and entertainment wealth planning advice arm for serve and educating the professionals in the two industries in United Kingdom.

Peter Coleman, who is the chief commercial officer at Succession Wealth said that, the launch of the Succession sports and entertainment has been an another example of them for strengthening their proposition and also to make sure that, they can possibly provide the maximum value for the clients in these unique industries, and he also said that, they already have an experienced team in the place, along with some of the high-profile clients and hence he has been really excited about what the future is holding for them in this space.

The service is going to be offering both the young and established professional financial advice and also education, that can be helpful for ensuring the financial wellbeing for both now and into the future, and the company also going to be offering the advice for the retiring professionals for moving into a successful second career.

The financial arm is also going to include the financial planner known as Ehson Dejahang along with a number of financial planners of the company Succession Wealth, who have already work within the entertainment and sports industries.

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