• The scientists of the United Kingdom said that, the covid-19 vaccine might not work on the corona virus variant of South Africa
  • The health secretary of United Kingdom said that, he is now worried for the new covid-19 strand found in South Africa

Both the United Kingdom and South Africa have discovered the new and more infectious corona virus variants in recent weeks, which have been responsible for driving an increase in the covid-19 cases, and on Monday, Matt Hancock, who is the of the United Kingdom said that, he is now very worried about the new strand of the corona virus found in South Africa.

The scientists, which includes Ugur Sahin, who is the CEO of BioNTech and John Bell, who is the Professor of Medicine at the Oxford University said that, they are testing the corona virus vaccines on the newly identified corona virus variants and they have been saying that, they can make so necessary changes in around six weeks.

Robert Peston, who is an ITV political editor said that, according to one of the scientific advisers of the government of the United Kingdom, the reason for the worry of Matt Hancock about the corona virus variant of South Africa is that, the scientists of the United Kingdom are not confident that, the vaccines are going to be effective against the new corona virus variant, and the scientist have also said that, the corona virus of South Africa have multiple mutations in the necessary protein, which the virus use to infect the humans.

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