• UK’s leading scientist said that, UK should add India to its travel ban list for stopping the spread of the coid-19 variant
  • The scientist also warned that, the Indian Mutation of covi-19 can be a huddle in the path of UK for easing the restrictions

According to the leading scientist of UK, the government of UK should India to its red list for the travel after the discovery of a new mutated corona virus variant in India, and Professor Danny Altmann, who is from the Imperial College London said that, it had been mystifying and pretty confounding that those people, who have been flying in from the country of India were not required to stay in a hotel quarantine.

Danny Altmann have also warned that, the Indian mutation of the corona virus can possibly be hurdle in the path of the United Kingdom to further easing of the covid-19 restrictions, in spite of the lockdown and the corona virus vaccine programme that has been leading to the number of cases decreasing to a seven-month low.

The Public Health England or PHE had also reported that 77 cases of the B.1.617 corona virus variant, that had been first discovered in India, have been found in the United Kingdom, and the first cases had been detected in the specimens dating back to the month of February 2021.

The officials of UK have also designated the new corona virus strain a variant, which is under investigation rather than a variant of concern, which is also similar to the Brazilian or the South African corona virus variants.

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