• The Buckingham Palace announced that, Prince Harry of the United Kingdom is going to relinquish his honorary military appointments and patronages
  • Prince Harry and His wife Meghan Markle are not going to return to the United Kingdom as working royals of Britain

Prince Harry of the United Kingdom is going to relinquish all of his honorary military appointments along with the patronages after price harry confirms to the Queen Elizabeth II that he along with his wife Meghan Markle are not going to be returning as the working royals, as announced by the Buckingham Palace on Friday.

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had been formally known as the Duke and Duchess of the Sussex, have rocked the monarchy of the United Kingdom when they decided and quit the frontline royal duties of the United Kingdom a year ago, and since then, they have been embarked on a new life, which has been involving several of the commercial ventures in the United States of America and they are now living in California.

Inside the initial terms of their departure from the royal family of the United Kingdom, it has thrashed out as an emergency summit arranged with the Queen Elizabeth II in the year 2020, and Prince Harry had also agreed for review the decision, and both of them have confirmed it to the queen that, they are not going to return as the working member of The Royal Family of Britain.

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