• The company Pfizer said that, no data is available for backing the new vaccination plan of the United Kingdom
  • The government of United Kingdom has announced a new Immunization after the joint committee said to vaccinate as many people as possible

The company Pfizer Inc. said that, the company has no data from the United Kingdom that, a single dose of its corona virus vaccine will be able to provide the protection against the corona virus after the time period of more than 21 days, that has been undercutting the observation of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization or JCVI of the United Kingdom.

The government of the United Kingdom also said that, the new vaccination and immunization strategy has been implemented, as it has been recommended by the joint committee for vaccinating as many people as possible by the first dose of the vaccine before offering the other citizens by their second dose.

The company Pfizer said in a statement that, the Phase 3 study for the novel corona virus vaccine of the Pfizer and BioNTech had been designed for evaluating the efficacy and safety of the corona virus vaccine, that has been followed by a schedule of two doses, which are separated by 21 days, and the company also added that, there is no data available for demonstrating the protection of the people after the first dose of the Pfizer corona virus vaccine has been sustained after 21 days.

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