• The aid cuts of United Kingdom for the clean products by a leading charity of the United Kingdom
  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office said that, corona virus pandemic has force them for taking tough decisions

A leading charity in the United Kingdom has criticised the plan of the government of UK for decreasing the funding for the overseas water and the sanitation projects during the novel corona virus pandemic as the details of the cuts in the foreign aid budget has been emerged.

The funding for water, along with the sanitation and hygiene bilateral projects are going to be reduced by more than 80 percent, and a leaked report said that, Tim Wainwright of the WaterAid has criticised the timing of all the savage cuts or reductions, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office of the United Kingdom said that, the novel corona virus had been responsible for forcing them to take tough decisions.

In 2020, the government of the United Kingdom has announced that, it is going to be cutting the aid spending of the United Kingdom from 0.7 percent of the national income to just 0.5 percent, that has been amounting to a decrease of more than 4 billion pounds, but it has been yet to confirm that, which programmes are going to be affected.

The temporary measure had also been defended at the time as it is now being supported by the voters, along with several MPs, who are saying that the domestic spending should come first during the novel corona virus pandemic.

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