• The health secretary of the United Kingdom has put himself in self-isolation on Tuesday 19th January 2021
  • The health secretary has received an alert from the NHS covid-19 app that he has contacted a person who has been positive with the virus

On Tuesday, Matt Hancock, who is the health secretary of the United Kingdom has started his period of self-isolation, after he has revealed that, he had been pinged by an alert by the National Health Service or NHS corona virus application of the United Kingdom overnight.

Matt Hancock, who also spent time in self-quarantine after he tested positive for the novel corona virus at the peak of the novel corona virus pandemic in the year 2020, said that, on Monday night, he has received the notification from the Trace and Test application of NHS that he has been in close contact with someone, who has been tested positive for the corona virus and he has also been self-isolating, and the health secretary also said that, this is how they can break the chains of the transmission of the virus.

Matt Hancock said that, they must follow all these rules like he is also going to, and he have got to work from home for the upcoming 6 days, and by doing this, along with following the guidelines and all the other set of rules that they have had to put in place, and with this, they can finally defeat the novel corona virus in the country and in the world.

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