Highlights –

  • Germany’s BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine likely to get clearance in China.
  • It would be the first foreign vaccine to be used in China if authorization is approved.
  • The German company could have a potential deal with Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd.
  • China has been giving million shots of COVID-19 vaccination a day.

Sources suggested that China is planning to authorize the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Germany’s BioNTech SE (22UAy.DE) by July. And if the same is approved, it would become the first foreign COVID-19 vaccine to be authorized in the country.

According to reports, Chinese officials are reviewing clinical-trial data for the vaccine and are expected to authorize it for domestic use within the next 10 weeks.

The German drugmaker is also likely to strike potential deal with Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd in August to supply 10 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine to Hong Kong and Macau.

China’s success at controlling the coronavirus outbreak has been found to have resulted in a population that has seemed almost reluctant to get vaccinated. Hence to break the cycle, it is accelerating its inoculation campaign by offering incentives to the general public, such as free eggs, store coupons and discounts on groceries and merchandise.

At present, China is giving almost millions of shots a day. According to health authorities, on March 26 alone, the country administered 6.1 million shots.

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