• The experts have given the warning against the planned vaccination strategy of the United Kingdom
  • This experiment of the second dose of the vaccination is highly controversial as the does have been authorized to be given after three or four weeks

The government of the United Kingdom has been planning to postpone the second dose of the authorized corona virus vaccines by around 12 weeks in an attempt for increasing the amount of distribution of the first dose of the corona virus vaccine, and this public experiment from the government of the United Kingdom has become highly controversial because the second doses of the vaccine had been authorized in three or four weeks after the first dose of the corona virus vaccine, as per the clinical trials.

Dr. Paul Offit, who is a member of the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the Food and Drug Administration said that, it is bad idea, and the government is disrupting the vaccination program, and he also said that, by delaying the second vaccine dose of the recipient by two or three months, the recipient may not be protected anymore.

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