• The death count in the United Kingdom from the novel corona virus have crossed the one 100,000 mark
  • The Office for National Statistics or ONS have assessed that, the death certificate data reveals that, there have been around 104,000 deaths in the year 2020

On Tuesday, the United Kingdom has been hit by another grim of the novel corona, as the death count of the United Kingdom caused by the deadly corona virus crossed 100,000 since the beginning of the novel corona virus pandemic in the year 2020.

The Office for the National Statistics or ONS of the United Kingdom has carried an assessment of the date of the death certificate, which has revealed that, there have been 104,000 deaths caused by the novel corona virus since the beginning of the pandemic in the year 2021, and the daily death count of the government of the United Kingdom have been relying on the positive novel corona virus tests, that has been conducted in the past 28 days and are hence slightly lower, standing at 98,531 total deaths in the country.

Chris Hopson, who is the Chief Executive of NHS Providers, which is a membership organization for the state-funded National Health Service or NHS of United Kingdom said that, it has been a tragedy, that they have now been seeing over 100,000 deaths caused by the novel corona virus, and he also said that, this has been a dreadful milestone to be reached and behind every death, there is going to be a story of grief and sorrow.

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