• The first covid-19 human challenge trials to start as the data has been suggesting the covid-19 vaccine death toll
  • The human challenge trial is going to help with the covid-19 vaccine along with the developments in the treatment

The first study of the world, that is going to be deliberately exposing the volunteers to the novel corona virus, which will be taking place in the United Kingdom, as the novel corona virus vaccine roll out that has been continuing and Boris Johnson, who is the prime minister of UK, have been preparing for unveiling his road map out of the nationwide lockdown.

The human challenge trial is also going to be helping with the process of the corona virus vaccine along with the developments in the treatment, and it is also going to see up to 90 adult volunteers, who will be paid around 4,000 pounds for being infected with the novel corona virus, and it is also going to be involving around 17 days of the quarantine along with the follow-ups for more than 12 months.

The idea for the research has come as the prime minister of the United Kingdom said that, easing restrictions is going to be based on a cautious approach after Boris Johnson had been warned by the number of the novel corona virus cases, which has been needed, that has been dropped below 50,000 before he will be considering for lifting the restrictions.

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