• Boris Johnson has given the warning against false complacency as the United Kingdom is seeking for increasing the corona virus vaccine rollout
  • According to Boris Johnson, around 2.4 million covid-19 jabs have been administered in across the United Kingdom

Boris Johnson, who is the prime minister of the United Kingdom has given the warning against the false complacency as the country has been seeking for increasing the novel corona virus vaccine rollout.

On Monday, Boris Johnson said that that, this has been a very dangerous situation because everybody in the country can sense that, the novel corona virus vaccine is coming in and they can also see that, the government of United Kingdom is vaccinating large numbers of te people, those who need the vaccine the most.

The prime minister also said that, he is worried because, this has been the situation when the degree of the false complacency, false confidence and the way people are looking at, that what has happened in the National Health Service of the United Kingdom, and the complacency has also not been merited.

According to the prime minister of the United Kingdom, around 2.4 million novel corona virus vaccine does have been administered across the United Kingdom, and seven of the new vaccination’s sites have been opened on Monday in the United Kingdom, as the country has been increasing the vaccination speed against time for bringing the novel corona virus pandemic under control.

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