• Barry Hearn retires as the leading sports promotor of United Kingdom
  • Barry Hearn has founded the company Matchroom Sport back in the year 1982

There could have been no better venue for Barry Hearn for announcing his retirement after 40 years as the leading sports promoter of the United Kingdom, and Barry Hearn, who has been the chairman of the Matchroom Sport empire, have announced his retirement from an astonishing career from the Crucible Theatre, which has been based in Sheffield, that has been the home of the ongoing Betfred World Championship of Snooker.

Barry Hearn, who is 72 years of age, have founded the company back in the year 1982, and after enjoying the huge success with the game snooker before moving into the other sports including pool, boxing, darts, ping pong, netball, tenpin bowling, poler and fishing.

He had also been the owner and chairman of the Leyton Orient Football Club for around 20 years from the year 1995 to the year 2014, but Barry Hearn have always referred to the sport snooker as his first love, which he has bought and then ran the Lucania chain of the snooker clubs in the year 1974 in UK, and he has also considered the day when a lanky teenager known as Steve Davis have walked into the Romford one in the year 1976, which has been one of the best moments for both of them.

Steve Davis won his first world title in Snooker exactly 40 years ago in the year 1981, that has been an occasion from the qualified accountant Barry Hearn, who had been a sports nut who quickly realized that, his destiny had always been to promote rather than playing.

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